Muslims, Christians, and Jesus Class

Some of the local pastors came up with the idea of combining our congregations in multi-site classes.  The classes would be hosted by a couple churches and led by people from different churches, thus bringing several groups together.  The material we chose to use for our first outing was a four-week study called Muslims, Christians, and Jesus.

Last night we held the first of the four weekly meetings in our building.  The discussion was facilitated by a lay leader from another church.  We had about twenty people in attendance.  One was a very nice Muslim man who was curious about what we were doing.


One of the biggest take-aways I had from the night (besides the building of intercongregational cooperation and trust) was this comment: “We need God to deliver us from fear.  If you’re afraid of Muslims, you can’t talk to them.  If you don’t talk to them, how will they hear the good news that Jesus loves them?”  I thought that point about fear was a very good one, and I thought our gathering in this way (as well as another gathering on a different night at a different church with a different leader) is a good start toward becoming the unified, effective body God wants us to be.


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