Why I Need A God Out There

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier was on TV last night.  I saw Star Trek V in the theater back in 1989, but I haven’t seen it since.  I remember the basic plot (a search for God) and quite a few of the scenes.  I also remember liking it fairly well even though I knew it was not the equal of IV or VI.  I remember particularly liking the ending.  By the time I discovered it was on, that ending was all that was left, so I turned to it just to see if it was what I remembered.  This is what I saw:

Now I love William Shatner.  I mostly love him because he looks a lot like my dad looked when I was a nine-year-old kid.  But I have to fault the idea that “God is in here” which is presented so positively here.

I have to fault it because it does not meet my needs.  A God who is simply in my heart, who is simply a good idea which encourages me in dark times (I guess that’s what Shatner is saying there) is not what I need.  It is nothing like what I need.

And there is a simply reason why.  The reason I can’t have any internal God like this is because I have external issues which only an external God can address.  I can’t have a figurative God because I have literal problems.  I can’t have a God who is “in here” because I have problems that are “out there”.

Let me give you a quick rundown of a few of the problems I have.  There are people who want to hurt me.  That’s one problem I have, one very big problem. These people may want to hurt me personally for some personal reason or they may just want to hurt anybody and I happen to come across their radar.  They may want to hurt me physically or legally or verbally or financially.  But whichever the case may be, there really are people “out there” who want to hurt me.  There are also other things which can hurt me as well: illnesses and injuries.  There are bills to pay and relationships to repair and obstacles of all types to overcome.  Everyday I face jeopardies of very real kinds, and one day I will face the ultimate jeopardy, the number one biggest problem I have: death.  I will really face that problem.  I won’t face it figuratively or internally.  I will face it actually.  I will actually die.

So I don’t need a fictional God.  I don’t need an idea that makes me feel good or gives me comfort.  I need a true intervener, one who really, actually enters my world to deliver me from those things that are really, actually trying to hurt me.

And I just happen to have such a God.  He is the God of the Bible, the Father of Jesus Christ.  And He is “in here”; He put Himself in here.  But He is also “out there”.  He is very much out there.

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