I did my Evensong prayer last night as I do (almost) every night.  I started with the Scriptures from the Moravian reading, which, since I was accessing them from the Pacific time zone, were actually the next day’s Scriptures:


You’ll notice both the watchword (the Old Testament verse) and the doctrinal text (the New Testament verse) talk about newness or being made new.  The final prayer mentions redemption, which in this context likely referred to that same newness/being made new.  I reflected on those as I started my time of prayer, and as I did, the word repurposed came to mind.

Repurposed is not a word I would have known ten years ago.  I think I’ve learned it during the last decade through all the HGTV home renovation shows my wife is always watching.  But that was the word that came to me as I read and reflected.  And to be honest, when I came back to these Scriptures this morning, I wasn’t sure where I had gotten that term from.  I went to bed thinking it was right there in biblical black and white, but when I went back for a second look I discovered it wasn’t.

I do think the idea is there, though.  To be given a new heart, to receive a new spirit, to be made new by none less than God Himself, is to be repurposed.  God taking us out of the silly, shallow, stupid courses we were running and and refitting us to run in His Kingdom course is a repurposing.

That’s what I thought God was promising here, and even though it isn’t as lexically-clear as I initially thought it was, that is still what I think God is promising here.  It is also what I really want.  I really want to be repurposed by God.

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