Hey, thanks for checking out douglasamccoy.com.  This is where I jot down the thoughts I have about the life of faith in God and in His Son Jesus Christ as I live it.  Those thoughts fall into a couple categories:

Random Thoughts – things that just occur to me as I’m living life.  These things mostly fall into the category I call “insights”, that is, they aren’t life-changing ideas as much as they are explanations of how life works.

What I Saw – things revealed to me as I do my devotions.  My teacher in the life of faith (an older, more experienced pastor) leads me in reading Scripture and finding “words” (his term) from God in it.  He repeatedly asks me “what I see” in this process, that is, what I heard from God, how the reading speaks to my life.  In this posts, I record a few of those things.

The Pastor and The Pappy – this is a podcast I did with a friend a couple years ago.  We pulled the plug on it after a dozen episodes or so, but they’re still here if you’re at all interested in our ramblings, some of which are spiritually-oriented and others of which are not.

Thanks for checking my site and my writings out.  I’d love to interact with you in some way.  Contact info is to the right.  Please think of dropping me a line or leaving a comment on a post!

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