God’s Hand In The Season of Winter

One of the members of my congregation is a poet.  He writes short verses which he pairs with pictures to create a unique spiritual message.  He sends two poems or so a month to his mail list (if you want on, comment below).  Today, he sent out this one:


For me, this was “a word aptly spoken” (Proverbs 25:11).  I’ve always struggled with winter (both the literal winter and the figurative winters of life).  For me, winter is indeed “bitter” on many fronts: the weather, the appearance, the difficulty it creates, etc.  But I have long known (intellectually if not emotionally) that winter has a purpose.  I’m not a farmer, but I’ve always suspected that the winter was a key part of the farming process, adding nutrients to the ground for next season’s crop.  In the same way, I know that “winters” are a key part of spiritual growth.  My mentors call this “pruning” rather than “winter” (as you can see in the following video).

Whatever you call it, it is not my favorite “season” of life.  But as my poet friend reminded me today, God’s hand is indeed in it.  God is in the ice-and-snow-covered lands of January as much as He is in the lush, green fields of August.  By His power, I can endure, and by enduring I will indeed see His hand.